Email Marketing


Permission-Based Automotive Email Marketing Done Right

One of the most challenging automotive data outputs is Email.  Emails are extremely difficult to update and menacing to verify, without the proper sourcing and tools.  Auto Data Solutions has attacked these issues with its network of experienced email database developers.  Through this network, our clients have access to one of the most lucrative email databases in the industry.  Our postal to email append ratio breaks through the 60% barrier as it performs well above industry standards.

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Generate Your Own Email Marketing Leads

Email marketing is quickly becoming the preferred communication and advertising tool. Whether you’re marketing vehicles or service, email marketing is an effective solution to communicate with your prospects. Our permission-based email marketing approach combines our easy-to-use, web-based delivery platform with magazine-quality templates custom designed to suit each customer’s goals and objectives.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients succeed and increase their ROI on their Internet efforts. This is why each client is assigned their own personal account manager and has access to expert consultation and strategy development tips. We have simplified the process of email marketing so you can focus on the core of your business. We can also include your value appended data to ensure that each recipient gets data that only pertains to them and their vehicle.